What Is Molluscum Contagiousum

Have water filled blisters that you cannot seem to get rid off? They are red and seem like small wart-like extensions from the skin? Well, it means you are affected by Molluscum Contagiousum, it is a viral infection of the skin and is very contagious. This virus spreads very easily, and if one of the family members is affected by it, the remaining can get it even by touching the surface that has been touched by the infected person. It can easily spread from person to person.

TransmissionMolluscum Contagiousum

This disease can also be transmitted if the patient is sexually active. Molluscum Contagiousum is most common in small kids till the ages of 11 years. Have a look at Molluscum Solutions to see the available remedies. Warts can stay as long as four years until they disappear themselves. In some cases, warts go themselves even when they have been left without any treatment.


Well despite the infection being so stubborn, ZymaDerm is one medicine that can help get rid of warts without much issue. ZymaDerm is made up of three ingredients Idiom HPUS, Thuja occidentals, Echinacea angustifoliate. The formula is Iodine based basically. There have been hundreds of positive reviews of the medicine.


It is said to treat warts in its own time. The majority of the users have said that at first, the blisters turned a bit red and later on they started fading away. The medicine claims that any person who is suffering from molluscum can be easily molluscum free within 30 days.

It works

In current chemical-based medicines, there is no over the counter drug that can treat the molluscum neither there is any treatment available. In 91% cases, the medicine has been found efficient and thoroughly treated the patients. It’s a painless medication, much like an ointment and comes with an applicator. The applicator can be used to apply for the medicine on warts. The drug has been prepared under US patent, and there are six months money back guarantee on the purchase of the ZymaDerm. It can be used anywhere even in sensitive areas and can be used for children as young as 9months old.


Children are profoundly affected by such ailments that are so visible because of bullying and taunts. ZymaDerm is a tried and tested medicine that helps in alleviating the skin warts and gives back the clear the skin without even a mark. It is probably the best product available in stores for treating Molluscum.